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Welcome at the website of Male Massage Amsterdam

EveryBODY need a moment of relaxation in his busy life. Are you this ambitious guy who needs a moment of real relaxation in his stressy life?

Please be invited to come and relax; be lazy and stretch out on my massage table. Get spoiled with a one hour relaxing massage of your whole body. No woolly atmosphere but a strong and personal total body massage. Your body and muscles will get stimulated and tensed muscles will relax in my hands.

Your body will be massaged from top till toe with nice oils and your senses will be triggered by calming music, candle light and a etheric aroma diffuser.

What to expect?

Classic Swedish massage

After a short familiarization in which you can tell your personal preferences or injuries, you may lay down on the massage table. The comfortable massage table includes soft towels and a knee roll for your legs.The studio will have a pleasant temperature with calming music, an etheric oil aroma diffuser and subdued (candle) light

At the start I will let your body get used to my hands by gentle stroking and using pressure (effleurage). Then I will use a diversity of massage oils and massage your whole body with a focus on the large muscle groups. All leftover oil will be rubbed off after the massage.

Your total body will be massaged; shoulders, back, lower back, buttocks, back of legs, feet, front of legs, stomach, arms and optionally your legs. Ofcourse you can indicate which body parts should get more or less of my attention.


Also available on request:

1/2 hour Power Massage

In and out within 30 minutes! A busy day at work? Need some relaxation, but not much time? Use your spare time to spoil yourself with a reviving massage. Enjoy a powerfull, intense and quick massage and you will regain new energy for the rest of the day.


Hot stone + Swedish massage

Enjoy the heat of sensual hot lava stones in combination with a Swedisch body massage. The hot stones will be placed on your nerves and stimulate the blood stream and are curing for tensed muscles and give relieve to the bones.


Drinks served: Beer, white wine, juice, fanta, cola, coffee and tea (free of charge)


The massage space:

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NEW! Hotel massage service

You prefer me to come to your hotel for a massage? Ofcourse this is no problem at all. Every day upon availibility I can come to your hotel to spoil you with a strong and relaxing full body massage. I will use a bed for the massage but I will bring all the essential materials myself (extra towels, candles, oil etc.) The hotel massage service is not possible for the Hotstone massage.


Any guestions left or do you want to plan a massage appointment? 

Please mail me at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it